Report 13

Oxygen device for mom.
Our fund received a letter from volunteers of Donetsk.
“Good afternoon. I am asking you for help for a person who needs an oxygen device, without which she can not live (lungs work 18 percent). The old device, which we helped her to purchase is out of order. She is in intensive care at the moment. We found new an oxygen device “Oxy-6000″. This device costs 85,000 rubles in Russia. We started to collect money for the machine. If you can, please help her. Her phone number: phoenix- 0713134960; Мтс- 0507264030 (viber), Natalia Manohin. Thank you.”
The first $100 has already been transferred to Natalia. On the photo, Natalia with her youngest son.

“Good afternoon. Thank you for the help. My youngest child is 11 years old. From the moment of his birth, a disease started to progress.
My lungs work at 18%, I can not breathe on my own. Only thanks to the oxygen device I can live and raise a child. Once again many thanks that responded and did not pass by my trouble. Natalia. ”
We thank donors and volunteers. Fund-raising continues.