Report 10

Summer break in the Aqua park

Saturday, June 3rd, we took 21 sweet kids from Donetsk and Makeevka to the Aqua park at Sherbakova Park in Donetsk. For at least one day, these kids got to forget about war and just be kids. It was really beautiful!
We arrived at 11:00, and the kids could not wait to jump in the water for some fun. After a few hours of swimming and splashing, they all gathered for a delicious meal of sandwiches, pizza and french fries.
Then, back in the water for more fun!
It was easy for all of us to forget about the war for a while.
It is great to bring help to the war-ravaged region of Donbass, and we must continue to do all we can. But the greatest human aid of all is to stop the war, stop the attacks on Donbass civilians, and bring peace back to Donbass and Ukraine.
So, remember the kids, and remember your responsibility to peace and to humanity. We will continue to help the kids and those in need here, but the sooner the war is over, the better! Thanks to all of you.