Project 3

CAR FOR DELIVERY- Successfully completed

We have been working in the Donbass region since 2015 to help victims of the ongoing conflict there. We provide food, medicine, clothing and school supplies, as well as other material support to schools, orphanages, hospitals and other organizations. We also distribute aid directly to those in need throughout the Donbass region.
This fund-raiser is for a car and trailеr to deliver goods to where they are needed. We currently have 2 representatives who live and work in Donetsk. They are both experienced and competent human aid workers, with a long history of successful projects with Donbass Human Aid as well as in cooperation with other humanitarian groups operating in the region.
We are looking to raise $3,500 for a small 4×4 Lada Niva (used) and a trailer for delivering supplies. The Niva is one of the most inexpensive 4×4 vehicles, as well as one of the most dependable.  We need 4×4 due to the very rough road conditions in the Donbass region. The need is great, and Donbass human Aid has a proven track record of delivering the goods to where they are needed most, and for getting the most “bang for the buck” from our donations.
Please help us to help others by contributing to this fund-raiser. Thanks for your support!