Project 1

“Harmony” Kindergarten Window Project – Successfully completed

The “Harmony” kindergarten in the Kievsky District in Donetsk had over 250 young students before the war. In the summer of 2014, it was hit by Grad rockets and heavy artillery. The school was damaged and closed due to the danger of future attacks. Indeed, the school has been closed now for almost 2 years. Though the danger of further attacks has diminished, the school remains closed due to damages. About 250 windows were broken, and must be replaced before the school can re-open. This will be one of our next projects. 250 windows for 250 students.

Our representative and construction specialists went to the school and surveyed the damage. The school sustained a direct hit from a powerful Grad rocket and several hits from heavy artillery, but the damage is reparable, and we decided to help. We contacted several window manufacturers who gave us estimates for repairs of the windows. The school had high quality double panned plastic frame windows, and that is what we need to replace. Amazingly, these windows can be manufactured and installed for about $30 each. So the entire cost of this project is around $7,500. It seems like a small sum to bring 250 young students back to school.

If we can find 250 supporters to donate $30 each, (or 30 to donate $250 each) we can have all the windows repaired in about one month. The Harmony Kindergarten is a great school with loving and dedicated teachers. Let’s all pitch in and help bring the kids back to school!