Report 7

Dear brothers and sisters.
We are glad to inform you about Window Project.

The “Harmony” kindergarten in the Kievsky District in Donetsk had over 250 young students before the war. In the summer of 2014, it was hit by Grad rockets and heavy artillery.
Last week news: Donbass Humanitarian Aid – $1,300 to replace 47 of the 150 windows.
This week update – $2,000 more came from our fund, $200 from Netherlands, 51,000 Rubles ($850) from Russia. Just about enough to fix all windows and get Harmony Kindergarten back open for 200 kids.
Thanks to all of you.


Report 6

Palace of Sports
Donetsk Palace of Sports “Jubilee” – the legendary sports complex, which gave the world champions Boxing. The building was repeatedly subjected to shelling, all the windows shattered, stock became worthless. With the help of the parishioners of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate), Florida (United States), we have already bought part of the necessary equipment.


This week in “Jubilee” will be new punching bag, gloves, cutlets, hats, caps, rope, expanders, and much more that is so necessary today for the revival of the Sports Palace.


Report 5

Humanitarian help for Makeevka HIV-AIDS Orphanage

Our help for Elena and her children

Report 4

Dear friends, brothers and sisters!
The good news for the project “Peace on the palm” (see Project 2.) We purchased school supplies and medicines for children.
Thanks to our volunteers in the Donbass. Also, one of our contributors has provided targeted support for a large family.

solnce v ladoshke 2
solnce v ladoshke 1
This project is in the active stage, we continue to raise money.
Thanks to all who support our Foundation.
God bless you!

Report 3

Dear brothers and sisters.
We are glad to inform you that the washing machine brand Deawoo Electronics DWD-UD2412K purchased and delivered to children. Thanks to all of you.
God bless you for many years! Amen!

Report 2

We continue to help orphanages in Donetsk

In March-April 2016, for kids of Specialized Orphanage were purchased medicines, as well as paid for children’s furniture (chairs).
For children of “Teremok” orphanage the shoes were bought and delivered. Thanks to everyone who helped!
Acts of receiving humanitarian aid show that even a small donation provides great support and assistance to children.

Report 1

Ambroseevka Hospital

In early March, 2016, Russell Bentley and Donbass Humanitarian Aid (DHA) were contacted by Doctor Olga Jammoul in Ambroseevka. The regional hospital there serves the city of 30,000 people and the surrounding villages. Treatment is free, but medicine is not, and the hospital was running out of many vital supplies. Dr. Olga contacted us and asked for help.

We went to Ambroseevka, met with Dr Olga and the hospital director, determined the needs and our abilities and came up with a plan – we would bring $2,500 worth of needed medicines in one month.

This time was needed to raise the necessary funds, go to Rostov in Russia, buy supplies, get all required permissions and then deliver the aid to the hospital in Ambroseevka. It was still Winter and road conditions were rough, but our intrepid friends were ready and willing.

DHA worked with other organizations around the world to raise the needed funds Organizations from the USA., Russia and Germany were involved, as well as individual donors from as far away as New Zealand also contributed. The money was raised and carefully spent at a wholesale discount pharmacy in Russia. We counted every penny, and got a great deal on everything we needed. The paperwork for the border crossing and importation of the medicine were completed in record time.

DHA raised and contributed $1,000. Spendaktoinen fur Novorussia, a German Humanitarian aid group, also contributed $1,000, and varios humanitarian groups in Russia, including Essence of Time, contributed money, medicine vehicles and driver to bring the total to $3,500 worth of medicine, delivered to the Ambroseevka hospital BEFORE the deadline.

The doctors and directors of the hospital, the local city administration and the local people themselves were elated and very appreciative. This mission has made a huge difference for all the people in the area. We will be returning on April 23rd. The local music school will hold a concert in our honor, and we are hoping the Mayor will attend. The thanks is appreciated, but doing good is its own reward.

We are very, very happy with the results of this campaign, and we want to convey our heartfelt thanks to all who contributed, and also say thanks to God, without whose Blessings, nothing is possible. His hand guided us all along our way. We would also like to give special thanks to the drivers, who helped with delivery. One driver named Gennady drove 36 hours straight, over rough roads, to help us complete this mission. We gave more than asked for, and did it sooner than expected. Thanks to ALL who helped. God bless you!