Report 17

Vegetables for  Elena’s family.

Every year in the fall, we buy and deliver vegetables for Elena family. Thanks for your donation.

Reprot 16

Dear brothers and sisters!
Thanks to all who supported the car project. We collected money for seven months and finally bought a car. Now we can buy goods and deliver humanitarian aid faster.
God bless you.

Report 15

Clothes and shoes for orphans

Report 14

Back to school.
Dear brothers and sisters! We are glad to inform you about school supplies project. 140 children received gifts from our foundation, which is twice as much as last year.
These children lost one of their parents in the Donbass war.
Also, Elena’s large family received everything necessary for her kids. Elena has eight children.
Everything is possible thanks to you.
God bless you.

Report 13

Oxygen device for mom.
Our fund received a letter from volunteers of Donetsk.
“Good afternoon. I am asking you for help for a person who needs an oxygen device, without which she can not live (lungs work 18 percent). The old device, which we helped her to purchase is out of order. She is in intensive care at the moment. We found new an oxygen device “Oxy-6000″. This device costs 85,000 rubles in Russia. We started to collect money for the machine. If you can, please help her. Her phone number: phoenix- 0713134960; Мтс- 0507264030 (viber), Natalia Manohin. Thank you.”
The first $100 has already been transferred to Natalia. On the photo, Natalia with her youngest son.

“Good afternoon. Thank you for the help. My youngest child is 11 years old. From the moment of his birth, a disease started to progress.
My lungs work at 18%, I can not breathe on my own. Only thanks to the oxygen device I can live and raise a child. Once again many thanks that responded and did not pass by my trouble. Natalia. ”
We thank donors and volunteers. Fund-raising continues.

Report 12

Another successful project ! Irina is 7 years old losing her sight. DHA has pitched in for the first course of medicine that will save her sight.
This project will be ongoing, but for now, girl has what she needs. Irina’s Mom thanks all the donors. Here’s the receipt.
God bless you.

Report 11

Icon of St.John of Shanghai and San Francisco arrived from the USA in Donetsk

We thank the family from California, who donated to our fund the icon of St. John of Shanghai. The Icon safely arrived in Donetsk and was handed to Archimandrite Cyprian, rector of the church of St. John the Warrior.
Thanks to all who support our Foundation.
God bless you!

Report 10

Summer break in the Aqua park

Saturday, June 3rd, we took 21 sweet kids from Donetsk and Makeevka to the Aqua park at Sherbakova Park in Donetsk. For at least one day, these kids got to forget about war and just be kids. It was really beautiful!
We arrived at 11:00, and the kids could not wait to jump in the water for some fun. After a few hours of swimming and splashing, they all gathered for a delicious meal of sandwiches, pizza and french fries.
Then, back in the water for more fun!
It was easy for all of us to forget about the war for a while.
It is great to bring help to the war-ravaged region of Donbass, and we must continue to do all we can. But the greatest human aid of all is to stop the war, stop the attacks on Donbass civilians, and bring peace back to Donbass and Ukraine.
So, remember the kids, and remember your responsibility to peace and to humanity. We will continue to help the kids and those in need here, but the sooner the war is over, the better! Thanks to all of you.

Report 9

Small athletes of Donbass have a great future.

Donbass Humanitarian Aid fund raised money for the Greece-Roman wrestling tournament in memory of the famous coach Vasily Bagrov . The competition was attended by children from all cities and villages of the DPR. Thanks to everyone who participated in this project.

Report 8

Merry Christmas
These presents were purchased by you, dear brothers and sisters. Thank you!