Destroyed Convent in Donetsk

Donetsk St. Iver Convent began construction in 1997, and was consecrated in October 2010. The monastery is located near the airport. It was in the midst of hostilities and was virtually destroyed. In the roof of the temple a big hole, hit by a shell, almost the entire top floor was burned, all the windows smashed, half in ruins, the dome was a metal frame, totally destroyed.

But with the help of God in the Holy of the Iberian convent Donetsk 25 February 2016, the first service was held after two years of war. The ancient face of the Virgin on the Iberian icon pierced with a spear, and in Donetsk, it was shot with bullets. Only the blood does not flow out of the wound. Maybe because there has already been too much blood shed in this terrible war.

Destroyed Monastery